Workbench Express

WorkBench Express is a powerful, flexible and a script-free tool for rapid testing tax scenarios for testers and non-technical tax professionals. It is a light-weight PC based Excel tool which has a seamless integration with Sabrix tax engine. WorkBench Express enables you to maintain multiple templates by project, by country and any other way as per project requirements. It is capable of instantly running the same test data against different instances to compare results between the two instances. It also lets you to easily troubleshoot severity 2 messages isolated and highlighted in the input sheet on the users’ computer. It further makes the unit testing simple by removing the need to log in to Sabrix.

Highlights of WorkBench Express

  • Automates testing of all workbench test scenarios from Microsoft Excel
  • Automates monthly content upload testing
  • Generates output in Excel, XML, CSV or combination of different formats
  • Mass update to audit data in Determination
  • Enables quick access to input XMLs on the user desktop without running backend queries
  • Ability to select number of invoices sent to Sabrix in batches
  • Automatically create use cases in Excel using existing Indata from Sabrix to the input Excel sheet
  • Abitlity to set ‘Expected Fields’ in Indata Sheet for Pass/ Fail results after Tax calculation