Tax Technology Services

Indirect Tax Automation

Sarus Inc. has been the preferred indirect tax technology partner with many Fortune 500 companies for over 10 years, designing and implementing solutions for some of the most complex indirect tax regimes and businesses.

Tax Technology Support Services

Sarus has also been the preferred partner to support many complex tax implementations that we have done for our global clients. We manage and run the production support function for these businesses for their indirect tax automation platform.

Workbench Express

WorkBench Express is a powerful, flexible and a script-free tool for rapid testing tax scenarios for testers and non-technical tax professionals. It is a light-weight PC based Excel tool which has a seamless integration with Sabrix tax engine.

ECM Services

Dealing with exemption certificates can be challenging and time-consuming, and it may cause the team to focus more on paperwork than on tax preparation or their primary objective. Sarus Inc. offers Exemption Certificate Management services to enable businesses focus on their core purpose.

technical Capabilities

Functional Capabilities