Volunteering for social causes can be a life-changing experience and an important chance for everyone to build new skills. It is also a great way for an individual to give back to the community. Sarus would like to encourage employees to engage in volunteer and charitable activities and would like to build a culture of giving to instill a sense of community service.

Sarus has come up with this initiative by supporting the following three initiatives. Also, we encourage employees to suggest more ways to realize their objectives.

  1. Volunteer Work
    Sarus encourages employees to involve in volunteering activities. The employees shall be provided paid time off for volunteering activity (1 day per month). The employees also get an opportunity to showcase their story on the company website, LinkedIn page, and Facebook page. Sarus will host a special banquet, picnic or bowling night for employees who volunteer. Apart from this, the volunteering work will be considered at the time of the annual performance review.
  2. Charitable Donation
    Sarus will provide a list of approved NGOs. If the employees donate any money to the charitable organization from the list, the company shall make a matching donation to the same institution, doubling the impact of your donation.
  3. Farmer Appreciation & Get close to Nature
    Here’s a great opportunity to get close to nature. Sarus will organize visits to nearby farms to help employees understand the hard work put in by farmers. Employees would get the opportunity to plant vegetables and to own organic produce.