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Self-defense is not just a set of techniques it’s a state of mind, and t begins with the belief that you are worth defending.

As part of the International Women’s Day Celebration, we invite the women force for a session to master the techniques of self-defense.


For the 3rd quarter of the year 2019, we are glad to announce Surya Kiran Medicharla as the Employee of the Quarter. He has been remarkable, dedicated and worked tirelessly with the clients to deliver our services. We take this opportunity to recognize and appreciate Surya Kiran Medicharla for his outstanding performance.


Volunteering for social causes can be a life-changing experience and an important chance for everyone to build new skills. It is also a great way for an individual to give back to the community. Sarus would like to encourage employees to engage in volunteer and charitable activities and would like to build a culture of


We are pleased to announce Venkata Chary Kundaram as the Employee of the Quarter for the period of April 2019 to June 2019. He has been outstanding with his consistent performance in delivering our services to our clients. We take this opportunity to recognize and appreciate Venkata Chary Kundaram for his excellent services to Sarus.